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2009 - Encastrable à Dublin - Antoine Lejolivet et Paul Souviron

Prendre d’assaut ces cornes d’abondances que sont les grandes surfaces, y réaliser des actions éphémères faites d’une certaine économie de moyens, y injecter clandestinement atelier et espace d’exposition… transformer le réseau des hypermarchés en structure de résidence artistique.

C’est sur la simplicité de cette envie commune qu’est née la collaboration entre Antoine Lejolivet et Paul Souviron. Un exercice qui s’articule autour d’un mode opératoire aussi minimal qu’infiniment déclinable: formuler des sculptures sur la base des produits proposés par le magasin. Entre les rayons et les clients, exposer des agencements de contrebandier, sans clou ni vis...

(G. Buchert, extrait du site Encastrable)


3 ans après l'exposition Epicentre d'Antoine Lejolivet, le Syndicat Potentiel Strasbourg est partenaire du Projet Encastrable (Antoine Lejolivet et Paul Souviron) à l'IMOCA / irish Museum of Contemporary Art / Dublin, dans le cadre de "Echantillon, A selection of French Contemporary Art" du 15 octobre 2009 au 10 janvier 2010.

Pour en savoir plus...
Encastrable sur Facebook
Echantillon à l'IMOCA
Site d'Antoine Lejolivet
Epicentre au Syndicat Potentiel
Site de Paul Souviron


opening 11.12.2009
12 december 2009 to 10 january 2010

Encastrable (slot-in)

To launch an attack on the cornucopias emporiums are. There, to carry out short-lived actions performed with very little means and clandestinely introduce a workshop and an exhibition space so as to turn the distribution network into an artist residency structure. The huge food, gardening and DIY chain stores on the fringe of the cities provide the two artists with an endless supply of raw materials. They use the gaps in the book of rules to play by their own rules and install their own little disorganization company.
The website shows archive photos and videos of these transient actions, thus composing a sort of exhibition catalogue.

How to export the encastrable concept from the store to a museum while keeping the same idea in another context? And how to repeat it without altering it? For this show at IMOCA we wish to use two different interstices during two different times:

This is the simple and common idea that brought together Antoine Lejolivet and Paul Souviron. Together they create sculptures using the goods sold by the supermarket, a process that is both minimal and indefinitely reproducible. Among shelves and customers they exhibit smuggler-like constructs made without nails or screws. The process is stopped if a security guard or a manager start allowing it. The two artists then go in search of a less welcoming store.

first, an encastrable exhibition from October 14th to December 11th. We will invite visitors to a wait and information area containing both leaflets and a coffee-machine as symbol of the breaks taken on the workplace as well as the time spent in shops, and in the workshop.
and then, December 11th a performance-exhibition. We will take advantage of the temporary opportunity to be able to be reimbursed of purchased products, and we will construct structures/sculptures/plinths with the items we will buy in order to display photos and various documents about our previous artist residencies.

Echantillons, an exhibition of a selection of French contemporary art, inclued encastrale
Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Lad Lane (Old OPW), Off Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Avec le soutien de la Région Alsace and the Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines de Strasbourg
avec le soutien de la Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Alsace, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.



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